Resume for Roger W. Amidon
83 Featherbed Lane · Hopewell, New Jersey · (609)466-2092

(as of February, 2003)

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I am an electronics engineer, with skill and experience in both Hardware and Software. Debugging computer systems is one of my strongest areas, with the ability to determine if a problem is in the hardware or the software. Currently, I have been designing and developing Custom Web Sites, Custom Computer Systems, as well as System Design and Troubleshooting. Some of the Web Sites I have developed include the use of “Dynamic HTML”, with database access. I am also thoroughly trained with all forms of Novell Networking, Windows Networking, Windows 95 and Windows NT. I was a member of the Microsoft Beta Team for Windows 95. I have been programming in Assembler and Basic for over 25 years. In the Microsoft Windows environment, I have been programming in “Visual Basic”, with eight years experience in that language. In addition, I am thoroughly familiarity with HTML, Java, Front Page, Perl, Active Server Pages, etc. I have also done programming in “C” and “Visual C++”. I am currently running, in my home office, Novell 3.12, 4.11 and 5.0 Networks. I am also running the “Windows NT“ Web Servers, the “Mustang WildCat!” Web Servers and Mail Servers. We use 128Kbps (ISDN) for our Internet connection. This multiple computer, multiple configurations, allows emulation of any possible customer platform. I have also been a member of the Novell Developer’s Network, as well as the Microsoft Developer’s Network, since 1994.


DX Computer Company
Hopewell, NJ
Owner and President, March 1986 to Present
General Computer Consulting
Build custom PC’s
PC repairs and upgrades
Local network installations
Support for QX-10 / QX-16 Epson Computer Products
Sample of Products Produced:
  • "F18 Thunder Strike", Gameboy Color game
  • "10 Pin Bowling", Gameboy Color game
  • "Blitz 2000", Gameboy Color game
  • "Caesar’s Palace Advanced", Gameboy Advanced game
  • "TPM-III Upgrade", with MS-DOS Utilities
  • "QX-10 Boot ROM Upgrade"
  • "DXCC Color Video Board" for Epson QX series
  • "RGB Basic" Upgrade with/Basic Compiler

    InterAura Research, Ltd. Co.
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Senior Engineer, Feb 1997 to Present
    Developing dynamic HTML with Database access

    Bonsai Entertainment Corporation
    Copiague, NY
    Senior Engineer, Lead Programmer, 1996 to Present
    Games Produced:

  • "Casper for Nintendo Gameboy"
  • "Walt Disney’s Maui Mallard” for Nintendo Gameboy"
  • "Elmo’s 123’s”, Gameboy Color game"
  • "Elmo’s ABC’s”, Gameboy Color game"
  • "Elmo in Grouchland”, Gameboy Color game"
  • "Sesame Street Sports”, Gameboy Color game"

    Starcom A.G.
    Senior Engineer, Dec 1994 - Dec 1996
    GroupWise Administrator, Visual Basic Applications Programmer

    Absolute Entertainment Inc.
    Upper Saddle River, NJ
    Senior Engineer, January 1990 - October 1994
    Game Programmer & Developer
    Games Produced:

  • "Turn and Burn" for Nintendo Gameboy
  • "Home Alone II" for Nintendo Gameboy
  • "Star Trek Next Generation" for 8 bit Nintendo (NES)
  • "Star Trek Next Generation" for Nintendo Gameboy
  • "Star Trek Next Generation" for Sega GameGear
  • "Walt Disney's Goofy" for Sega Genesis

    Rising Star Industries
    Torrance, California
    Manager of System Software, September 1981 - January 1986
    Designed & Developed System Software for Epson's "QX" Series of Computers
    Products Produced:

  • "TPM-III" Advanced Z-80 Operating System
  • "RGB" Z-80 Basic
  • "Valdocs" Application Support Modules

    Physical Acoustics Corp.
    Princeton, NJ
    Senior Engineer, September 1979 - September 1981
    Designed Hardware & Software for NDT Industry
    Products Produced:

  • "TPM-II" Z-80 Operating System
  • "PAC" Material Fault Location System

    Computer Design Labs
    Trenton, NJ
    Partner / Owner, August 1979 - October 1983
    Products Produced:

  • "TPM" Z-80 Operating System for Radio Shack TRS-80
  • "TPM" for S-100 based Computers
  • "TPM" for RCA Cmos Z-80 Development System

    Technical Design Labs
    Princeton, NJ
    Partner / Founder, April 1976 - August 1979
    Products Produced:

  • "ZPU" - S-100 Z-80 CPU Board
  • "Zapple" Debug & I/O handler software for S-100 bus
  • "SMB" - S-100 based I/O board, with Zapple Software in ROM
  • "TDL Z-80 BASIC"
  • "TDL Z-80 Macro Assembler"
  • "16K Low Power Memory" Card for S-100 Machines

    Delta Data Systems
    Philadelphia, PA
    Project Engineer, 1974 - 1976
    Products Produced:

  • 8008 based "Smart Terminal"
  • 8080 Cross Assembler

    Optel Corporation
    Princeton, NJ
    Project Engineer, 1969 - 1974
    Products Produced:

  • Invented Multiplexed LCD Display
  • Built World's first Wristwatch Calculator
  • Invented Tertiary Logic System


    Graduated Verona High School
    Upsala College, (2 years)

  • Member of the Microsoft Developers Network
  • Member of the Novell Developers Network


  • Strong Hardware Background
  • Strong in Assembly Language Software, Visual Basic
  • Experienced also with all forms of Basic, C, C++, Fourth, HTML
  • Some experience with PL/M, Fortran, Cobol
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging Hardware & Software
  • Human Interface Design
  • Producing REAL Products for sale


  • Video games
  • Movies
  • Amateur Radio (Call: K2SMN)
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging Hardware & Software


  • Designed and built "Spider" Computer, was featured on cover of BYTE Magazine
  • Won highest score in Nationwide Ham Radio Contests - 3 times
  • Disk Jockey at WFMU Radio 1966-1969 (NYC Market)